A Full-Service Plastic Recycling Process

CT Polymers is a full service vendor, with a thorough and detailed plastic recycling process to ensure the integrity of plastic products that are sold to our manufacturing clients.

Buy Raw Plastic Materials

Our process begins with buying raw materials which we then test for quality using state-of-the-art equipment in our lab. Contact CT Polymers and start selling your plastic today.

Thermodynamic Resin Recycling

Next, CT Polymers will densify and extrude plastic into high-quality recycled resins to meet our customers exact specifications.

Plastic Resin Certification

Plastic processed at CT Polymers can then be tested to ensure the integrity of finished resins and come with an official certificate of analysis.

Sell Plastic Resin Products

CT Polymers offers a range of recycled plastic products including polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethlene. View the recycled plastic products available from CT Polymers now.

Committed to Quality

CT Polymers is based in the United States and has and 410,000 square feet of space for storing, recyling and processing scrap plastic into recycled plastic. CT Polymers has invested in the technology and infrastructure required to provide a full-service experience for those buying/selling plastic materials.

Request a Quote.

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