Can CT Polymers provide a certificate of analysis on recycled resin purchased?

Yes, we can provide certificates of analysis on recycled resin. We have a full scale lab to test polymers.

Can CT Polymers provide a drop trailer?

Yes, we can provide a drop trailer for multiple swaps per month.

How fast can plastic scrap be picked up, and is there a minimum?

Within 24 hours, and we need at least 10,000 pounds.

Can CT Polymers place equipment such as bales, densifiers and grinders at my plant in order to help with the plastic scrap collection process?

Yes, we offer programs to help support recycling efforts at the plant where the plastic is generated through equipment.

Can CT Polymers offer custom compounds?

 Yes, we can provide specific compounded resins to meet your specifications.

Does CT Polymers offer regrind and repro?

We offer both and can color repro black.

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