CT Polymers offers a wide range of commodity resins including our CT generic prime product line. We have a variety of Polyethylene and Polypropylene materials with selected melts, densities, and impacts that are available for delivery. All of our products can be ordered as rail cars, packaged goods, or in bulk. Please contact your CT Polymers Sales Representative at 574.598.6132.

Product IDMelt Index
g / 10 minutes
g / cc
ft-lbs / in
Flexural Modulus
1% secant - psi
Tensile Strength yield - psiElongation yield - %Data Sheet Download
CT-HP043.5 g/10 min0.903 g/cm30.8 ft-lb/in245 kpsi5,455 psi 10.4% Homopolymer 4 Melt
CT-HP1212 g/10 min0.903 g/cm30.5 ft-lb/in226 kpsi5,175 psi 9.1% Homopolymer 12 Melt
CT-HP2020 g/10 min0.903 g/cm30.6 ft-lb/in238 kpsi5,345 psi8.7%Homopolymer 20 Melt
CT-HP3535 g/10 min0.90 g/cm3 0.4 ft-lb/in 230 kpsi5,600 psi 8.0%Homopolymer 35 Melt
High Density Polyethylene
CT-HDPEFM.30 g/10 min .955 g/cm3185,000 psi 4,100 psi 500% HDPE Frac Melt
CT-HDPEINGR7 g/10 min953 g/cm3185,000 psi 4,100 psi 950% HDPE Injection Grade
Low Density Polyethylene
CT-LDPE01 0.8 g/10 min0.92 g/cm3LDPE 1 melt
CT-LDPE022 g/10 min 0.92 g/cm340,000 psi 1,500 psi 500% LDPE 2 melt
Impact Copolymer
CT-IMCO077 g/10 minNB 10 plus
155,000 psi 3220 psi 5.5%Impact Copolymer

Rotational Molding

Specification Sheets

CT-LLDPE03 3 Melt Polyethylene

CT-LLDPE05 5 Melt Polyethylene

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